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Roy Brain                                         Colin Glover   





Gold Medallist and Award Winning Grand Master Gemcutter



RoCo Custom Cut Gemstones is Roy Brain and Colin Glover, hence RoCo. We produce quality custom faceted gemstones and cabochons,but we also do sell some commercially cut stones that are of high quality. Being of old school values we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and strive for excellence. We personally select only the finest rough, ensuring that we produce only the finest quality gemstones. We are confident of our quality and therefore offer a no questions asked 14 day purchase price refund should the gem be returned in the original condition. This applies to cut gems purchased on our web site. Should you order a specific design you will be consulted on every step of the process thus ensuring your absolute satisfaction.

Over the past few years we have taken the following positions in international and South African gem cutting competitions.


2010:   1st in USFG Novice
2011: 2nd in S.A. Faceting Challange
2011: 6th USFG Masters
2012: 1st in S.A.Faceting Challange
2012:  Ist in USFG Masters
2017: 1st in USFG Grand Masters


Although we would like to be 1st in every competition, even 6th in an international competition is a tremendous achievement when one considers the stringent rules that these gems are judged by.
Our target market is not people wanting just a pretty stone, there are enough gems on the market to satisfy the standard requirements. Our goal is to create masterpieces that not only are unique, but do justice to the wonderful rough that mother nature has taken millions of years to create.

As mentioned we strive for perfection and our final product reflects this. For example a gem that has been commercially cut may look sort of reasonable to the naked eye, but just view it under a 10x loupe and you will be amazed at all the mismatched meets and poor quality of the polish. This is not even mentioning that there are serious doubts that the angles are cut for optimum performance.

So if you are looking for a pretty stone, there are many on the market; however if you are like us and want the absolute best and something totally unique, then one of our gems is the natural choice. 




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Local Representatives for
UltraTec Faceting Machines





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