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Roy Brain

Gold Medalist and Award Winning Grand Master Gemcutter.


We are South African based and produce quality custom faceted gemstones and cabochons for the decerning client. For the convenience of our clients we have joined forces with other cutters so that we may bring you the client a larger variety and selection of well cut gems. Duncan is of the same opinion as us regarding the production of quality gems ensuring that you the client need are always guaranteed of quality.

We also do source and sell some commercially cut stones sought from reputable sources, we assure you that we would not list any gem that does not meet our standards. We also pride ourselves on giving a comprehensive and accurate description of any items listed.



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1RoCo Custom Cut Gemstones.
Gold Medallist and Award Winning Grand Master Gemcutter.
We produce quality custom faceted gemstones and cabochons. Being of old school values we pride ourselves in craftsmanship and strive for excellence. We personally select only the finest rough, ensuring that we produce only the finest quality gemstones. We are confident in our quality and therefore offer a no questions asked 14 day purchase price refund should the gem be returned in the original condition..................





1Duncan Miller.
Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, Faceting instructor Cape Town Gem & Mineral Club.








Member of the United States Faceters Guild




Local Representatives for
UltraTec Faceting Machines


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